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    Tech not receiving emails when ticket is assigned from Event Policy

    John Mac Donald
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      I seem to be missing something and need a little direction on this one. It looks like emails are not working when a ticket is assigned from the event policy.


      Here is what IS working:

      1. End user emails helpdesk@domain.com with an issues. A few minutes later they get an email response saying that a ticket was created.

      2. I have created a template, E-mail policy, and an Event Policy that creates the ticket and assigns the ticket to a Technician.


      Here is what is NOT working:

      1. The technician does not receive an email that the new case has been assigned to him. This is only when the case was assigned to him automatically.


      Extra info:

      1. The tech DOES receive emails when we manually assign a case to him.

      2. This happens to any tech that we try (With or without a license)

      3. I have set the Configure Notifications under Event Policy for the Requestor, Assigned Technician, and "Escalate to" Technician. Made sure they were enabled and have checkbox's in the top 2.

      4. We are currently running version 11.4

      5. We have tried a destitution list and single email address. No email is generated.

      6. Here is the Audit of the incoming email


      Can someone point me in a direction? I think that I am missing something simple.

      Thanks for any input.