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    Approvals Not Appearing In Approval Table In Change

    Shreya Mauzo
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      Hi All,


      We are facing an issue with approval system in Change Management.


      We are not able to see Approvers when Show = "Pending"; However we can see Approvers when show = "Future Approvers" or "All Approvers".


      Has anyone faced this issue and how to troubleshoot it?




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          Jai Shori

          Please go to 'Application Pending' form and click on New Search


          - Select 'Pending' radio button

          - Category = Approval


          and hit enter. Now look for Command = New - Detail.


          If you see entries with Command = New- Detail and Category = Approval, it means entries are stuck in Application Pending form.


          -  Killed the Approval Process and check if the entries are processed from Application Pending form.

          - If problem still exist then Check ar.cfg/ ar.conf file and look for below parameter.


          Approver-Server-Suspended: F


          In server group environment  it should set to F for the primary Server and for all the remaining servers it should set to T.

          Note: You will have to restart AR service in case if you make any changes in ar.cfg / ar.conf file.



          - If problem still persist then check if Dispatcher Process is running or not. To check this , go to Window Task Manger-> Details tab and look for arsvcdsp.exe.

          a. If it is not running then try to run it manually from command prompt. and check if it processed the entries from Application Pending form.

          b. If it is running then get the arjavapluginstderr.log, arjavaplugin.log in debug mode and arerror.log, and check if you see any error.



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            Sharvan Singh

            We faced the same issue in 8.1.02. 1 lck (390608) file was missing on 1 server which was causing this issue.

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