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    Template Notes visible in Self-Service (Track-It! 11.4)

    Michael Simmons

      We're running Track-It! 11.4 and are interested in users having to answer the following 6 questions (only) when they select a particular type, subtype, category combination.  I created the template within the Technician Client Admin Console (screen cap below).


      When I selected the above template (to test) within the Self-service Module, the notes do not show for the user's to complete.  The Notes field is present, but the pre-populated questions that we want users to complete don't show.  How can I enable those questions "without" using the remaining lookup or text fields?  I say that because I don't want these questions to be visible for all of our work orders, just the ones having to do with SharePoint Page/ List Dev work order requests.


      Thank you in advance, Mike