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    Totals columns in a table

    Matt Stringham
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      In Business Objects I was able to do a count on different queries then Merge the queries so that I have a nice table.  I don't think it is possible in Smart Reporting from everything I've tried.  Here is my example:

      Summary Table.JPG

      Here is what this table has:

      13 months of data

      filters are by Company and support group and a date depending on the column above

      Assigned Incidents = Number of incidents submitted based off reported date.  So In July 2017, 640 incidents were submitted.

      Resolved Incidents = Number of incidents resolved for that month so in July 2017, 628 incidents were resolved.

      Carryover Incidents = Number of incidents that were still open at the end of the month that were carried over to the next month so in July 2017 63 incidents were still open for that support group.


      Does anyone know if there is a way do to this?  I don't think there is because the "Month - Year" calculated field in my table is tied to a date and there is no way to Merge the dates.  For example the "Month - Year" for Assigned Incidents is tied to the Reported Date and the "Month - Year" for Resolved incidents is for Last Resolved Date.


      Can anyone give me direction if this is possible or not?