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    Need to Auto-close changes when releases are closed (or request when changes close)

    Randy Powell

      We have implemented the change and release modules within RemedyForce.  We now have a request to lessen the effort to complete a release.


      Condition: When a release is deployed & validated (updates to the release record), I want to complete the release, complete the change request, complete the service request.  This makes 1 record update (on 1 console) take care of everything else.


      Currently process:  I have a process builder that updates release & change status when certain fields are updated.  For example, when software is migrated to test, the status changes to TEST for both release & change records.  When software is requested to migrate to production, the status is changed to PRE-PRODUCTION.  When it updated with an actual date, it is changed to PRODUCTION.


           This works well to keep the various groups up to date with the status.


      Challenge: When I change the status to COMPLETED in the release, I also want to COMPLETE the change request.  This is easy as long as the change request does not have any open tasks or other open releases.


      If there are open TASK or RELEASE, then I do not want to close the change request.


      Question: Is there a way to tell, through process builder, if a change has any open tasks or releases?  Also, is there a way to tell through process builder if an incident has any open tasks, problems, or changes?

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          Randy Powell

          Not sure this will help anyone, but I worked with support for this for a while and ending up building a pretty multi-step solution.


          For tasks:

          1) I added a field 'Task_Exists' as a type checkbox

          2) Built a wf that set it to True on creation of a task (linked to SR, CR, PR)

          3) When closing a CR/PR I would check (if task exist & all task complete or NOT(task exists))


          For Changes:

          1) Added two fields (# changes as roll-up summary count on change_incident_link & Open_Change_Count)

          2) When creating a change_lncident_link, I update Open_Change_Count = Open_Change_Count + 1

          3) When closing change I update Open_Change_Count = Open_Change_Count - 1

          4) I check to see if # Changes > 1 or Open_Change_Count = 1 (I had to do both as my data was pretty screwed up since I added this late)