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    MyIT: SRD containing selection of Product Categories

    Alexander Schmidt

      Dear Community


      I am looking for your expertise once again. This time regarding the SRD settings.

      I want to have a new "button" in MyIT which has some dropdown lists on the form. Somthing like this, where the values of Levlel 2 are depending on the selection of Level 1 (just like the Product Categories in SmartIT):


      Problem is, that whith my logic, not all values are actually displayed...


      These are the steps I took:

      1. Create the AOT and PDT including the category fields as variables from HPD:Help Desk
      2. Create a new SRD with the different category fields
      3. Category Level 1 has 3 fixed values
      4. For Category 2, I have 3 different conditions, based on the selection of Category 1
      5. As an example, let's take "Standard Application". So, for that condition I have 1 question "Category Level2"
        This is a Menu type question with a query. It should only display values from Prod Cat 2 where Prod Cat 1 = Standard Application
      6. I have saved and  activated the new SRD and did all necessary settings to make it show in MyIT
      7. When I go to MyIT now and create the request I can select Category 1. Now Category 2 appears but it only shows 12 values from the Prod Cat 2 list....
      8. When I check the Product Categories in SmartIT, I have much more under Standard Application

      Any idea where I am messing up?