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    Need to send notification on the basis of worklog info

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      Hi All,


      I am working on 8.1 and i have a requirement with me for notifications. I know about the configuration of notification for the OOTB applications by using SYS:Notification Messages.

      Now i have a requirement as below:


      -> i wish to send a notification on the basis of worklog type selected by the user over the incident form. FOr say there is an existing incident and somebody change its status to "Pending and then he need to update the worklog from the work details tab. now if he choose work log type as "Status Update" or anything then i need to trigger a notification which will contains "Incident Number", associated SR ID, incident status, worklog type, work log notes within this notification.


      What i did i tried it by creating a custom filter over HPD:Help Desk form. but i didn't succeed. COuld you please help me to know that how it could be achieved. I want this for both WO as well as for incidents.

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