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    Has 9.1.04 re-introduced SW00524489 ?

    Dave Morgan

      We are using 9.1.04 on a client site and are having the issues described in SW00524489 whereby:


      When you run a Direct SQL query in BMC Remedy AR System Server version 9.1.00, some of the fields at the bottom of the query are not parsed.


      We have the log files and have submitted a case to BMC but are blocked and waiting... anyone else seen this issue re-introduced?




      David Morgan

      Senior Remedy Consultant

      Email  dmorgan@columnit.com




      Added 13/03/2018 13:10


      We have been able to produce a reproducible test-case using XO_Test_Revamped.def and XO.arx.


      All you need to do is change the value in the Short Description field, by adding another 4 digit code, and save the record.

      If you then edit the SQL in the filter to include the $ in the regular expression (marked RED in SQL below - look carefully - end of row line 4), you will see that $Short Description__c$ field after the regular expression will not be expanded.


      SELECT ‘Short Description__c$’ FROM XO_TEST

      WHERE ‘$Short Description__c$’ LIKE ‘%,1000,%’

      AND NOT (‘$Short Description__c$’ LIKE ‘%,1502,%’)

      AND ‘$Assigned To__c$’ = regexp_substr(‘’,’[0-9]{7}$’)

      OR ‘$Short Description__c$’ = ‘1502’


      This is a difference in behaviour between 8.1.2 and 9.1.4