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    An advice about collecting Oracle AWR data from Oracle RAC DB

    Ahmed Badr

      Hello Everyone,


      Currently, we are having a custom ETL solution to collect Oracle AWR Statistics from Oracle DBs (some DBs are on Vertias Cluster (active/passive)).


      However, we tried the same solution on a DB that on an ORACLE RAC (Active\ active) and the following Datasets configured came empty :


      [14] DBSTAT - Database statistics

      [17] DBEVENT - Database events

      [18] DBRES - Database resources

      [19] DBMEM - Database memory configuration


      The following Datasets were ok :


      [15] DBSTOR - Database Data storage

      [16] DBCNF - Database configuration data

      [20] DBFSSTOR - Database file system configuration


      According to the solution, the following tables/views should contain data :











      but these ones are having data and the rest is empty :





      Also, when we  run the ETL Task, 2 nodes were discovered but only 1 had performance metrics and the other had only configration data which is not true as both nodes are active according to the Oracle RAC conifguration.


      I would like to know if there is a special ETL configured to collect AWR statistics, or if we could modify this ETL task to handle ORacle RAC