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    MVCICS - I/O Calculation of CICS region

    Feli Brachthaeuser
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      Hi Guys, 

      My client is a bit alarmed that the EXCP rate from VIEW CREGION has changed dramatically between CICS 4.2 and CICS 5.3.

      CFILE, CTDQUE, CTIOT and CVOLUME don't show any anomalies.

      Does CREGION element CRGSEXCC rely on a different calculation when MVCICS is managing a CICS 5.3 region?

      Is the calculation related to View CHIST H6EIOCNT?


      This field is calculated internally as follows:


            H6EFXCTC - Total CICS File Count         

           +H6EFX2TC - Total DB2 Count               

           +H6EFX1TC - Total DBCTL Count             

           +H6EFXQTC - Total MQ Series Count         

           + Total Requests Made via the CMRCUEX Exit

           +  H6EFXATC - Total ADABAS Requests       

           +  H6EFXDTC - Total DATACOM Requests      

           +  H6EFXITC - Total IDMS Requests         

           +  H6EFXSTC - Total SUPRA Requests        

           +  H6EFXKTC - Total SYSTEM 2000           

           +  H6EFXZTC - Total SAP Requests          

           +  H6EFXUTC - Total Other Requests        

           +  H6EFXPTC - Total PSEUDO Requests       


            H6EIOCNT - Total I/O Count               


      It is just the I/O profile which has changed so much.

      Any idea?