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    Need to find out how the image can be saved in the DB with the file type such as .png

    Sudhansu Panigrahi

      We have developed a java API plugin and calling it through a Filter Set filed action. passing input values and the output is an attachment object decoded from base64 format and mapped to attachment 1 field. The problem is we need a way to find out the attachment to be saved in .png format, is there a way to do it from java plugin/remedy.


      The below is the Filter condition which has input parameters and output mapped to attachment field.


      The output value from the plugin mapped here to the first attachment, But there is no file extension to the filename it seems and not sure how to do it through plugin. each time when we open the attachment it has been prompted through browser to open/save which is weird situation when we have integration with other tool, How can we convert or write the file extension to the attachment field?