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    New CLM Deployment - Q

    Alan Farrar

      Hello all,


      First time post, I'm embarking on a new project to deploy CLM in our enterprise environment. I'm going through the design phase currently, we have already have other BMC products in our company like ITSM, CMDB etc


      I'm an old remedy user, from 15 years ago and have recently joined this team. I have a back ground in infra ops so a lot of this is very new to me however i can see the benefits out the other side for managing the lifecycle of our infra. For this project the scope is leveraging our cloud service provider and we are tackling 4  'as a service' use cases. We will then expand out from there and hopefully starting using CLM for on prem in the future.


      Have a bunch of questions that I hope this community can help me out with. If you want extra info from me please let me know


      When you first deployed CLM, did you go with HA or DR and what was the reasoning around your decision?

      Did you deploy all components on first install even though you weren't going to  use all components out of the gate?

      Did you use the standard port mappings or create custom ones? (assumption standard for easier post implementation support)

      On system component sizing are compute sizes in addition to min system requirements for that OS, e.g

      Atrium Core - Web Registry Components Windows 2012 (64-bit) 4 vcpu 2+GHZ8GB60 GB

      When I compare the architecture diagram to the system component requirements I cant find some of the components listed e.g


      Secure deployment - Documentation for BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management 4.6 - BMC Documentation


      I see the Enterprise AR mid tier pair


      Microsoft Windows deployment sizing - Documentation for BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management 4.6 - BMC Documentation

      but in the sizing list i dont see mid tier listed on any of the component names. Am I reading this document wrong?