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    Stock Datastore for Windows Server OS

    Santhosh Kurimilla

      Bill Robinson Newton Nyante


      We are in the process of configuring the Infra for OS Provisioning. We are successfully deploying RHEL OS without any issues but, the problem is with Windows OS. Windows OS install always fails with the below error message as soon as the device gets OS Image and tried to start the install in unattend mode.


      We have received ISO image from our Server Engineering Team. The Datastore (on a Linux server) was stocked in multiple ways but, still continues to face the issue here:

      - Just mounted the ISO on a Windows Server and copied the files to a different directory on the same server. Copied those files (through SFTP and NSH too) to a directory on Datastore

      - Extracted the ISO using 7zip and copied the directory to Datastore location through WinSCP in Binary mode

      - Copied the ISO itself to Datastore server and just mounted a directory under Datastore location


      The issue is happening for both Windows Server 2012 and 2016 ISOs. After some reading on WinSetup.dll, I have tried removing the PRODUCT-KEY tag in unattend.xml and provisioned, still the same error message.


      Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.!