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    Sorting the counts of incidents in descending order within age buckets?

    Mark Powell
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      Good Morning!

      I have a question regarding sorting the counts of incidents in descending order within age buckets.  Specifically, I would like to show the highest number of incidents in the oldest age bucket at the top, so management can see where the largest concentration of oldest incidents reside in each Assigned Group.


      From left to right in the console I have Assigned Support Organization followed by multiple Assigned Groups, followed by four age buckets (1-30 days, 31-60 days, 61-90 days and 90 Days and older).  I am wondering if it is possible to sort each Assigned Group by the highest amount of incidents in the 90 Days and older age bucket.


      For example, Assigned Support Group A has five Assigned Groups, let’s call them Assigned Groups 1 through 5.  Each of these groups has a corresponding row of age buckets, each of which shows the amount of incidents there are within the respective age buckets. What I would like to do is provide an easy view of the largest amount of tickets fall into the 90 days within each Assigned Group.  The only way I have been able to affect the sorting of Assigned Group so far is alphabetically.


      As usual, your help is very much appreciated!