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    ITSM Change Management Multiple Approver Issue

    Shreya Mauzo
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      Our users are facing an issue when multiple approvers(More than 10) are attached on the ticket.


      It seems that if a CRQ has a large number of approvers, CRQ gets locked such that nothing further can be done with it. If we try to click on any link or button we get error -

      Value does not fall within the limits specified for the field :

      (Maximum length - 255) : zTmpActingAs (ARERR 306)

      However once the approvers begin to approve the ticket and the number of approvals with Status = Approved is achieved, ticket is unlocked and users can work on the ticket.


      zTmpActingAs is an OOB field and no customization has been done here.


      So is there any defect related to this? This has been raised with BMC Support but is anyone aware on this defect?

      Also if we increase the length of this field, what will be the Impact? Also is it possible to know which all forms will be impacted?