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    SLM Notification Rules sending about to breach and breached emails at the same time.

    Steve Marth

      Good day all,


      Hope someone can give me some guidance.  I'm having trouble setting up SLM notifications.  Here's what I would like to happen:


      at the Notification Threshold % for a response and resolution Work Target, send a notification its about to be breached.  Then, once a response or resolution Work Target has been breached, send out a notification. 


      Currently, my response WTs are set for 15 minutes, resolution WTs are set for 2 hours and both Notification Thresholds are set to 75, yet at the 10-ish minute mark of a ticket, two emails are sent stating the response AND resolution has been breached.  Then at the 1 1/2 hour-ish mark, two emails are sent stating the response and resolution are ABOUT to be breached...COMPLETELY opposite of what I want.


      I've attached pics of my rules, anyone have any suggestions?