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    TrueSight Event Web Serive

    Liran Tevet


      We're trying to use TrueSight (11.0) Web Service List API in order to search for certain Remote Action results.

      according to the documents (Listing events - BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management 11.0 ) there is Event API usage API in order to know which identifiers I can use (we're currently failing at searching Remote Actions 'name' and 'action' identifiers).

      Does someone know how to access this Event usage API? I only found CI usage API.




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          Liran Tevet

          Hi @Bhuvaneswaran Ekanathan

          Thanks a lot for the quick response.
          I've looked at the document you've written and it really informative



          However I didn't find the answer for the question how to get Events available search identifiers, only CI search usage.



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            Charles Kelley

            with the api/Event/search api call, you might try a condition such as this (haven't been able to test myself yet, just typed it up:



                "className": "MC_CELL_ACTION_RESULT",

                "slotList": [











                "sortCriteria": [


                        "sortOrder": 1,

                        "attributeName": "date_reception"



                "criteria": {

                    "groupingOperator": "AND",

                    "leftExpression": {

                        "value": "my_action_name_here",

                        "identifier": "action",

                        "operator": "EQUALS"


                    "rightExpression": {

                        "value": "my_requestor_val_here",

                        "identifier": "requestor",

                        "operator": "equals"




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              Liran Tevet

              HI Charles,

              So basically by defining the Class and which attributes to get you can control the search criteria identifiers? Cool
              I've tried it out and it works perfectly.