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    Creation of WO and Tasks through SRD


      Hi All,


      We are on remedy 8.1 and we want to achieve a task like through SRD we need to generate a WO (As fulfillment) and also in the same PDT we want that Related tasks also get generated related to the WO which is generated through this SRD. I know i need to design a PDT hence i want to know structure to achieve this. multilevel conditions can create multiple fulfillment but what about Tasks ? how it will relate to the WO which is getting generated from the same PDT.


      I would like to get your suggestions how to design this level of PDT ?


      ->One PDT will create the WO in respect to that SRD

      -> After that i want to raise multiple tasks for the WO which is created above from the Same PDT


      I think i am unable to describe my requirement but i know you are expert and could understand.