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    Identification of CI child in a weak relationship

    Amar Achmedan



      I've a problem with CI that are parts of a weak relationship as child.

      Here is the case :


      1. A card is created without parent and reconciliated in the CMDB.
        During the reconciliation, It receives a ReconciliationIdentity number.
      2. The same card is imported ( card + relation) and related to an existing ComputerSystem with a HostedSystemComponent . The card and the relation ReconID are set to 0.
        During the reconciliation, the Card receives a new reconciliationidentity number that is different from the one created on step 1. And the card is duplicated (same name, tokenid.... )
        The relation is done with the newly created card and not the one created on step 1.
      3. An import of data change( card + relation) the parent of the card to an another ComputerSystem. The card ReconID is again set on 0 by the import.
        The Card in the import Dataset receives a new Reconciliationdentity that is different from step 1 & step2. The card is again duplicated in the destination dataset and the relation is done on the newly created Card.


      In final, we ends with 3 cards having the same name, tokenid, serialnumber but different ReconciliationIdentities and different Parents.










      I know this is caused byt the Weak relationship HostedSystem Component. (see here : Multiple match or Error 120092 occurs during identification of weak-related SystemComponents )

      But I wonder why BMC doesn't allow to have components without parents. We could have hard disks in inventory, or cards not yet received. Once they are ready they are deployed and can be discovered and related to a parent.

      It should be possible to related a same child to a new parent or transfer it from one to the other without deleting the original CI.


      Does anyone knows how to handle this situation?

      Is it possible to disable the mechanism that use the weak relationship as part of the identification process?

      How this is handled when the cards are updated by ADDM?  With Integrator it is possible to force the ReconciliationIdentity but not with ADDM.



      Thank you