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      • 16. Re: ARDBC LDAP Configuration

        Hi Majad,


        The error shows that the required fields are setting as NULL. Just see the 8 core fields on the left hand side or your custom form. just do the following:


        -> set default value for submitter as $USER$

        ->Set default value to short description as a single dot (.)

        ->set create date default value as $TIMESTAMP$


        also check the permission over all custom created fields they must be public with change access and also set a property of allow any user to Submit to "yes" for every field. Let me know if still you are getting the same error.

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        • 17. Re: ARDBC LDAP Configuration
          Majd Alsadi

          it's work now !!!

          but some fields like first name and last name doesn't show anything, can you please check my fields mapping.

          and i create 4 users in AD but in my custom form when i search for the users i got more than 2000 record.


          Thank you very much.

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            PAWAN KAUSHIK

            I Hoe you have given the correct qualification to identify the duplicate records inside your LDAP input step.  Also can you check how many duplicate record created in your custom form ? if records are dulicated then you need to follow the below steps


            ldap_reject duplicate.JPG


            in the above image replace the highlighted option with reject duplicate records. it will reject all the request which are already been created. But it won't update the record once it set to rejection. hence you need to configure the qualification for the duplicate record lets say 'remedylogin name'=$ADusername$. by using this qualification it will search for the exact match and will modify only the first matching request.

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              IndusInd Bank

              Hi Pawan,


              Please integrate the Excel Output step after AROutput and check.




              • 20. Re: ARDBC LDAP Configuration
                Majd Alsadi

                i change the option Reject Duplicate Records but it's not fix my problem , (when i click run to integrate the data from AD more than 2000 record most of them are empty) and i have only 4 users in active directory.

                like the image below:


                I think i have something error in mapping.


                also when i load the data to my custom form , how to reflect it to people form ??


                Thank you very much

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                  PAWAN KAUSHIK

                  check your search criteria and field mappings..

                  to push your records from custom for to People form you need to write validation workflows for company site etc. if everything is fine then add a flag to yes and then you can write an escalation to run everyday if flag equals to yes then it will only push the validated records into People form.

                  • 22. Re: ARDBC LDAP Configuration
                    Majd Alsadi

                    Thank you very much.


                    I will search for how to write validation workflows since i'm a beginner in Remedy.

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