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      • 15. Re: Add new details to a host node based on a text file.
        Greg Sacrey

        The currently active pattern is as follows:


        tpl 1.12 module AltusImage_Info_UNIX;


        pattern AltusImageInfo_Unix 1.0



        This pattern reads a text file to do some additional discovery about the image for a Unix VM.



        // More metadata attributes may be set as required


            origin := "Custom TPL";

            products := "Unix Cloud Images";

            categories := "Unix Images";


        end metadata;


        // Overview section



            tags Unix;

        end overview;




                 on host := Host created, confirmed where os_class = "UNIX";

            end triggers;





            log.info ("AltusImageInfo_Unix: entry");


            location := "/etc/bb-imageinfo";


                log.info ("Looking into %host.name% for %location%");


            instance_file := discovery.fileGet(host, location);


            log.debug ("file: %instance_file%");


            if not instance_file then


                log.error("No file at %location%");




                if instance_file.content then


                  content := instance_file.content;


                log.debug("Found the file content %content%");        


                 // extract values from file

                    build_os := regex.extract(instance_file.content, regex 'BUILDOS=(.*)', raw '\1');

                     build_version := regex.extract(instance_file.content, regex 'BUILDVERSION=(.*)', raw '\1');

                    build_date := regex.extract(instance_file.content, regex 'BUILDDATE=(.*)', raw '\1');

                     build_id := regex.extract(instance_file.content, regex 'BUILDID=(.*)', raw '\1');


                 log.info("Found regex values BUILDOS = %build_os%, BUILDVERSION = %build_version%, BUILDDATE = %build_date%, BUILDID = %build_id%");


                // write values from found file

                    host.build_os := build_os;

                    host.build_version := build_version;

                    host.build_date := build_date;

                    host.build_id := build_id;


                // extend host attributes

                    model.addDisplayAttribute(host, ["build_os", "build_version", "build_date", "build_id"]);




                    log.error("No file content in %location%");


                end if;


            end if;


            log.info ("End Body");


        end body;


        end pattern;

        • 16. Re: Add new details to a host node based on a text file.
          Andrew Waters

          Have you defined PRIV_TEST to use sudo and not set it up on the machine?


          You could turn on session logging for the credential used and see if there is anything useful in the log.

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          • 17. Re: Add new details to a host node based on a text file.
            Greg Sacrey

            I have never done anything with PRIV_TEST


            I did look through the get FileContent Linux platform script (it is the default one, never been modified) and I can see a reference to the priv_test but it is basically asking me to run what you did with the test -f  If the result is 0 then continue looking at content of the file.


            I wouldn't have thought something special would need to be done to read a wide open file.


            I am at least seeing the pattern logs in tw_svc_eca_patterns  It shows an error saying no file at /etc/bb-imageinfo


            The session log shows only this regarding that file of /etc/bb-imageinfo




            addmscan@app1:~$ tw_command() {

            > lsmod |grep vxfs

            > tw_report

            > }

            addmscan@app1:~$ (tideway_i=__TIDEWAY; echo ${tideway_i}_CMD_START__

            > tw_command

            > echo ${tideway_i}_CMD_END__)



            addmscan@app1:~$ tw_command() {

            > PRIV_TEST -f '/etc/bb-imageinfo' > /dev/null 2> /dev/null

            > if [ $? -eq 0 ]; then

            > echo "ls:" `PRIV_LS -ld '/etc/bb-imageinfo'`

            > echo "md5sum:" `md5sum '/etc/bb-imageinfo' 2>/dev/null | awk '{print $1;}'


            > else

            > echo "FILE NOT FOUND"

            > fi



            > P='/etc/bb-imageinfo'

            > PRIV_TEST -f "${P}" -a -r "${P}"

            > if [ $? -eq 0 ]; then

            > echo "begin content:"

            > PRIV_CAT "${P}" | sed -e 's/[^[:print:][:blank:]]//g'

            > fi


            I have tried various users to run that test -f /etc/bb-imageinfo


            They all return a 0

            • 18. Re: Add new details to a host node based on a text file.
              Andrew Waters

              It must show something running the commands.


              It has to have done either echo FILE NOT FOUND or ls and md5sum. If it hasn't then something is very broken on the machine you are discovering or with your PRIV definitions. If it is because you have decided to cut stuff out then you either need to provide more complete information or raise a case.

              • 19. Re: Add new details to a host node based on a text file.
                Greg Sacrey

                Thanks for your time on this Andrew. I am going to test some other machines and check and double check permissions on the user account used for scanning.

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