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    Mid-Tier and self installed Tomcat - is this a support configuration?

    Michael Galat

      Hi -


      We are currently on 8.1.02 and will be upgrading to 9.1.03.  As part of this, I wanted to install a standalone Tomcat, instead of the version that is packaged with the mid-tier software.  I would like to do this for a few reasons - one being the ability to use the manager application in Tomcat, the second - to utilize access logging, and also to allow the upgrade of Tomcat in the event of an issue with Tomcat itself.


      So, on a test system, I did the following:


      • installed Java 1.8.0_112 (I have a junction pointing to it, so, my Java Path is D:\Program Files\Java\jrehome64
      • installed Tomcat 8.5.23 in the folder: D:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat 8.5
      • Downloaded an ran the installer for ARSuiteKitWindows9.1.03, and selected the option to install only the mid-tier portion.


      I made it as far as gathering the Tomcat Information.   On that screen I selected "No" because Tomcat was not found by the installer, then on the next screen, I entered my Tomcat path, which, again is D:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat 8.5.  Upon pressing Next, I received the error:


      Mid-Tier Servlet Engine Folder Validation Error

         Error: A non supported version of Tomcat is detected, Tomcat must be deleted or upgraded to a supported version prior to the install moving forward.


      So, my questions are:

      1. Is standalone Tomcat a supported configuration for a 9.1.03 Remedy Mid-Tier.
      2. The message says it must be deleted or upgraded to a supported version - what is a supported version?  The compatibility matrix says Tomcat 8.5 is support, and 8.5.23 is the latest version!
      3. How can I get around this, and get the installer to recognize my Tomcat, and install the mid-tier software?
      4. Does anyone else do this?




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          LJ LongWing


          You can do 2 things


          1 - Log a ticket with support regarding a defect in the installer not recognizing your version properly

          2 - You don't 'need' to run the installer, really all you need to do now that you have a fully functional Tomcat, is get Mid-Tier into it....this is easy enough to do.....download the war file...name it arsys.war and put it into the Tomcat webapps directory, Tomcat will take care of unpacking the war file and all you need to do at that point is configure it.  There are a few other ways to do it, but all of them are more complicated....if you don't want Tomcat to control the deploy via war...you can extract the war (just a zip file) and put the extracted folder inside webapps.

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            Jason Miller

            Yes a standalone Tomcat (or JBoss, or WebSphere, or ServletExec) is supported. It is actually the best practice for many of the reasons you mentioned, however I don't remember if it is officially documented at such. In conversations with product management over the years they have mentioned that Tomcat is shipped with the product more for quick non-production/proof of concept systems. They want a usable product out of the box without you needing to go and download/install/configure a separate servlet engine and then deploy MT.


            You can check the BMC Product Availability and Compatibility Utility to see which JSP containers (aka servlet engines) are supported.


            You are correct though that the installer does not always place nicely with an existing servlet engine, that was not installed by a BMC installer. I think I haven't had an issue with the 9.1 installers but in prior to that (maybe pre 9.0) often the installer would not see my existing Tomcat or complain about the version (I think partly because it did not correctly identify it). From there the installation prompts are a little awkward.


            More often than not I use one of the methods LJ LongWing mentioned. Over time I found it kind of silly to "install" Mid Tier since it is a web app that is deployed in a web app server.


            The other benefit of handling the deployment of MT your self is you can have multiple versions. I often will stop TC, rename the the 'midtier' directory (include the version number so I can easily tell the version later) and then unzip the .war files as 'midtier'. I know some people copy the old config.properties files but I like to get any update BMC provided (same with custom login.jsp pages) so I will update those by hand or later in the web UI after starting TC. If you need to switch back to the prior version for any reason stop TC, rename the current 'midtier' dir (include the version number) and rename the old copy of 'midtier_nnnnnn' to 'midtier' and start TC. You are now back to running the previous version of MT.

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              Michael Galat

              Thanks LJ.  So, if I take #2, then I would need to put the mid-tier within Tomcat?  I like the way we have it set up today - with tomcat in its own folder, and the mid-tier stuff under Program Files\BMC Software\ARSystem\midtier.  We have a couple directories within the structure that was use to replicate across all of our mid-tier servers to keep it in sync.  So, i guess I would prefer to keep the file structure as it is.

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                LJ LongWing

                Yes, you can certainly keep Mid-Tier in it's own folder....as i said, that just complicates things a bit....that requires putting a file in the conf\Catalina\localhost folder...typically named arsys.xml pointing to the location of the 'external' mid-tier....not difficult in any way, just more complicated...:)

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                  Michael Galat

                  Thanks Jason and LJ -


                  I have set it up on my test system successfully by doing the following -


                  To keep in standing with our current installation -


                  Create a folder structure of D:\Program Files\BMC Software\ARSystem\midtier

                  I then renamed MidTierCombined.war to MidTierCombined.zip and unzipped to the midtier location (I may try again w/o combined, as we don't use BO/Crystal within the midtier for reporting.

                  I then put the file arsys.xml in the folder D:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat 8.5\conf\Catalina\localhost, with a pointer to D:\Program Files\BMC Software\ARSystem\midtier as mentioned.

                  Finally restarted tomcat, and everything worked as expected.




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                    Theo Fondse

                    Another reason to install your own version of Tomcat is to get past the security vulnerabilities identified with the version of Tomcat bundled with the MT Installer. (Thanks to BMC for the foresight to make this possible and supported) We had a number of projects last year where our customers wanted to eliminate security vulnerabilities including those that come with Tomcat, so that forces you to use the latest and greatest version of Tomcat, as the resolution of some vulnerabilities require a version upgrade of Tomcat.

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