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    Add new details to a host node based on a text file.

    Greg Sacrey
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      Hi folks,


      I am struggling a bit here and hoping for some guidance.  I am using Discovery


      We have a file we want to read.  It is at /etc/bb-imageinfo

      The contents of this file adhere to a format as follows:







      I would like to be able to read the contents of that file and place new attributes to the host.



      Image Build OS = centos

      Image Build Version = 7-master

      Image Build Date = 2017_11_29

      Image Build ID = b374


      This would allow us to see what image as VM was spun up as.


      Something is not working here. I have double checked permission of the file and the file is present.  I am testing this on one machine.  Can any point out where I am going wrong?  I think I have to be close but something is not working for me.


      I was looking through the eca logs as well.  I didn't see anything in there.  I wonder if my logging setup in the pattern is working.  I also set reasoning logs to debug prior to the last scan as well.


      Any help would be appreciated.




      The content of my pattern is here:


      tpl 1.12 module AltusImage_Info_UNIX;


      pattern AltusImageInfo_Unix 1.0



      This pattern reads a text file to do some additional discovery about the image for a Unix VM.



      // More metadata attributes may be set as required



          origin := "Custom TPL";

          products := "Cloud Images";

          categories := "Images";

      end metadata;


      // Overview section



          tags Unix;

      end overview;



           on host := Host created, confirmed where os_class = "Unix";

      end triggers;





          log.info ("Start Body");


              log.info ("Looking into %host.name% for /etc/bb-imageinfo");


          instance_file := discovery.fileGet(host, '/etc/bb-imageinfo');


          log.info ("file: %instance_file%");


          if not instance_file then


              log.error("No file at /etc/bb-imageinfo");




        if instance_file.content then

                content := instance_file.content;

      log.info("Found the file content %content%");


               // extract values from file

                  build_os := regex.extract(instance_file.content, regex 'BUILDOS=(.*)', raw '\1');

                  build_version := regex.extract(instance_file.content, regex 'BUILDVERSION=(.*)', raw '\1');

                  build_date := regex.extract(instance_file.content, regex 'BUILDDATE=(.*)', raw '\1');

                  build_id := regex.extract(instance_file.content, regex 'BUILDID=(.*)', raw '\1');


              // write values from found file

                  host.BUILD_OS := "%build_os%";

                  host.BUILD_VERSION := "%build_version%";

                  host.BUILD_DATE := "%build_date%";

                  host.BUILD_ID := "%build_id%";


              // extend host attributes

                  model.addDisplayAttribute(host, "Image Build OS");

                  model.addDisplayAttribute(host, "Image Build Version");

                  model.addDisplayAttribute(host, "Image Build Date");

                  model.addDisplayAttribute(host, "Image Build ID");




                  log.error("No file content in /etc/bb-imageinfo");


              end if;


          end if;


          log.info ("End Body");


      end body;


      end pattern;

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