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    Custom Change Request Link from Task no Longer Works

    David Krueger

      Today we noticed that our custom Change Request Link formula field from the task object no longer works and gets the error "Javascript is security vulnerability, so it's not allowed in this hyperlink.  Ask your admin for help." 


      There is a post to this below site, however, it just says to create a new custom field.  A few years ago, we posted a question on how to build this and received the link script I will provide below.





      Here is the current, no longer working, Change Request Link formula field from Task object.


      HYPERLINK("javascript:if(window.parent.isServiceCloudConsole){window.parent.addSConsoleTab('/apex/BMCServiceDesk__ChangeConsole?record_id=" & BMCServiceDesk__FKChange__c & "&record_name="& BMCServiceDesk__FKChange__r.Name &"&isServiceCloudConsole=true','"& Name &"' );}else{var loc = window.parent.location.href; if(loc.indexOf('isRFConsoleDetailForm=true')!= -1){window.parent.parent.addTab( '" & BMCServiceDesk__FKChange__c & "', '" & BMCServiceDesk__FKChange__r.Name & " ','Change_Request__c');}else{ var win =window.open('/apex/BMCServiceDesk__RemedyforceConsole?record_id=" & BMCServiceDesk__FKChange__c & "&objectName=Change_Request__c');}}", BMCServiceDesk__FKChange__r.Name,"_self")


      Does anyone have a current working version for this since the change?  Any suggestions would be a great help! richard gibbons