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    Using Time-Dependent Workflow Actions

    Mina Horiuchi

      Hi there,


      Now i am trying to create this process by workflow.


      1. Create a ticket on RF.

      2. Assign the staff for the ticket.

      2. If the assigned staff no action during 1 hour for the ticket, RF send notification to the staff.


      For do this, what i have done so far is as below.


      1. created the email template for notification.


      2. add the Last Modified Date" in the field set (to use it for "Time-Dependent Workflow Actions").


      3. created workflow like as below.

      (I don't know what rule criteria should be better in this case...)


      "Time-Dependent Workflow Actions" detail


      Sometimes it will success but sometimes it will fail therefore, i wanted to someone check if my process is correct.


      Best Regards,