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    Searching in Track-It! has slowed down

    John Schmidt
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      Searching times in the Track-It! 11.4 application have increased.  There were over 621000 work orders.  We deleted over 417000 work orders and then manually triggered an index rebuild by

      1. Stopping the Track-It! Service Management
      2. Delete all files and folders in the directory if any exist in C:\Program Files\BMC Software\Track-It!\Track-It! Services\SearchData
      3. Restarting the Track-It! Service Management


      The is 13GB of free space on the server.


      Search result return time has not improved.  It still takes over 10 seconds to get search results back. 


      What else should I do to reduce the search times?




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          Brian Da Silva

          Hey John,


          Did you try Batch file to rebuild indexes and SearchData contents in Track-It! ? Also after deleting 417000 work orders, did you try to Reindex the Database as well? Try running the below Query.




          CREATE TABLE #SpaceUsed (name sysname,rows bigint,reserved sysname,data sysname,index_size sysname,unused sysname)

          DECLARE @Counter int

          DECLARE @Max int

          DECLARE @Table sysname

          SELECT  name, IDENTITY(int,1,1) ROWID

          INTO       #TableCollection

          FROM    sysobjects

          WHERE xtype = 'U'

          ORDER BY lower(name)

          SET @Counter = 1

          SET @Max = (SELECT Max(ROWID) FROM #TableCollection)

          WHILE (@Counter <= @Max)


                  SET @Table = (SELECT name FROM #TableCollection WHERE ROWID = @Counter)

                  INSERT INTO #SpaceUsed

                  EXECUTE sp_spaceused @Table

                  SET @Counter = @Counter + 1


          SELECT * FROM #SpaceUsed

          DROP TABLE #TableCollection

          DROP TABLE #SpaceUsed


          (End Query)


          Also you can further reduce the size of the database. see Trending in Support- How to Reduce the Size of the Track-It! Database v2



          Brian Dasilva