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    Dynatrace Integration with AO

    Siddharth Mahajan



      I am trying to integrate AO with dynatrace monitoring, how can I do that?

      Has anyone done it before, what are the things which I need to do for that?

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          Aryan Anantwar

          Hi Siddharth,


          I think there is no OOTB monitor/actor adapter for Dynatrace.


          I just seen the Dynatrace Event API doc and i think you can try something like below:

          • Create a module -> Workflow which will call the Dynatrace Event APi to fetch the events based on specific criteria.
          • Use WebService/HTTP adapter to call the Dynatrace Event API, preferably HTTP Adapter as it returns the results in JSON.
          • process the received events data according to your requirement.
          • schedule this workflow to run every 'x' mins.


          Hope this gives you some idea.

          Maybe someone might have did this already they can help you as well.




          Aryan Anantwar