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    Request Modification to the RKM Articles Template in DMT


      Request changes be made to the existing 9.00.01 RKM_Articles:


      1. Add a Status Value column so the status can be set to Draft, SME Review, or Proofreading as the articles have already been approved when transferring the documents from one to another but need to be at least proofread before resubmitting them for approval.


      2. Adding in the Support Company, Support Organization and Support Group to the Current Assignee Login ID.  The assumption is that the DMT Admin is in the same group as the current assignee.  In my case, I am on the Remedy Team performing the data load for a group in Budget Management.  Errors occur when the assignee from Budget Management is not defined in my default Support Group.  A work around would be for me to put myself in the default Support Group; however, this still limits the functionality to only importing articles on a Support Group by Support Group basis.