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    SSO Integration with AD or ED

    Kaushik KM

      Hi Everyone!!


      I have been trying on SSO integration with ED.

      i need to know if we can connect to any ED with ssl on port 636 without importing the security certificate?

      if NO, what or which certificate needs to be imported and any documentation on certificate importing will help in this case.

      Thanks in advance.

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          Bhuvaneswaran Ekanathan

          Kaushik KM


          Detailed KA is avaiable for SSO integration with AD,


          KnowledgeArticle - BMC


          Also below can help,


          SSO 9 problem with SSL certificate


          Steps to import SSL certificate to trust store and key store are available in Private Certificates implementation section


          Implementing private certificates in TrueSight Operations Management - BMC TrueSight Operations Management 10.7 - BMC Do…




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            Kaushik KM

            Truesight ASSO – ED/LDAP Integration: guess what its simple

            This document shows steps post SSO installation.

            Step1) Import ED server certificate to SSO

            a.Login to SSO console using the link https://FQDN:8443/atriumsso/atsso/console/ssoadmin/ssoadmin.html

            b.Default credentials : amadmin ; Admin12345 / (can be customized while installing.)

            c.Navigate as shown below:

            1. d.Obtain the ED server certificate from Web&Apps team(Your system admin) and keep it ready in your VDI in ‘something.cer’ format.


            1. e.Click on import and select the certificate. Once the certificate is imported successfully it looks as shown below:



            Step2) Setting up SSO to query ED servers:

                            a.Navigate as shown below:



                            Configure as shown above:

                            User account should be obtained from Web and apps team

            Prod User name / APP ID:


            Prod Password:


            Once all required fields are filled as shown above, save, and a pop up should say that the SSO server binded successfully with ED server.

            Step3) Try to login to TSIM console using a user present in ED.

            First time login for all the user ids it should throw an error saying “Authentication failed” and this is not a fail, we should be able to find the user name being registered under “USERS” tab in SSO console as shown below:


            Click on the registered username and assign required Privileged by assigning username to Groups like Administrators, Operators etc.

            Now try to login to TSIM console with the same user id and password.!!  And you should be in !!

            !Congrats ! SSO-ED ! are integrated now!



            Kaushik KM