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    Best way to permanently disable a TKU pattern

    Bert Long

      Have had scenarios where a customer wants to NOT discover software that is on ALL of their systems (Example:  BMC PATROL).  They are using BMC Discovery to locate software that is sporadically running, not those Monitoring, Storage, Mgmt Utilities that are on every system.  Have seen this approach in a few customers, even though most want to know those overly-common scenarios.


      I know one can deactivate the TKU pattern and prevent discovery, but that is a tedious activity to repeat after each TKU when updates arrive (and it often gets overlooked, causing the discovery of those SIs back into the environment).  Have also in the past, setup as CMDB Sync filters, but in this environment, there is substantial work occurring on the App Modeling perspective, and they would like to avoid the SI inserts into BMC Discovery itself.


      Has anyone done anything clever to more permanently disable a specific SI pattern from being active?  I am currently creating some do-nothing override patterns to prevent the associated SI creation until the version of the original TKU hits.  That hopefully will error out when a truly new TKU pattern arrives, and while still in the 'tedious' column, it is a tangible reminder to address (and hopefully a smaller list than deactivating all of the SI pattern instances that need to be disabled).


      Also thinking something can be scripted, but this would also involve remembering to execute during a TKU update.


      Somewhat related to article, https://communities.bmc.com/docs/DOC-48453