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    Ideas for MainView

    Vishnu Nair

      Hello George Efsen,


      We came to notice that you have created an idea in the MainView community; unfortunately MainView doesn't follow the communities Ideation program (Ref: Ideas FAQ), but you can check with support on the RFE process to be followed. Ideas were enabled in MainView community by mistake and we are going to disable it. Extremely sorry for the inconvenience caused by this.


      Cc: Janet Sessarego




      Quoting your idea for reference in case MainView ideas are disabled by the time you check this

      Allow search of CICS history records using User Data Mask for both user data fields (18 and 64 byte)

      We would like to use the User Data fields to place application data.  The data we are looking to place in the user data field is request keys that are also logged on the calling application side. This data would be used to track back to the calling application or if the calling application support has the key, to search the CICS history to locate the specific task records that match.


      The 18 byte field is too small for our key that we would store, so we want use the 64 byte (user data 2) field.  To be able to find history records using the User Data 2 field, we need to have the History Record Selection screen User Data Mask to include searching the 64 byte (user data 2) field as well as the 18 byte field.