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    SERVER-PLUGIN-ALIAS parameters


      Hi List:


      Is there any documentation anywhere that outlines all the possible parameters for this configuration parameter, and gives a brief description of what it is?

      What I'm looking for is not necessarily how to use it, but more of a consolidated list of what the out of the box values as well as their descriptions:




      Server-Plugin-Alias: ARSYS.ARF.WEBSERVICE ARSYS.ARF.WEBSERVICE <server>:port

      Description: Plugin for web services


      Server-Plugin-Alias: AREA AREA <server>:port

      Description: Plugin for AREA authentication



      Description: Plugin for the Configuration ARDBC which exposes the ar.conf (ar.cfg) file





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          Edison Pioneer

          Also, on my server, I see only three ports are used. Are there 3 ports decided by default or we get to choose which port to use? I am using 9999, 9556 and 9555.

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            Mark Walters

            The Server-Plugin-Alias setting tells the server where it needs to go to find the specified plugin and is needed when there is more than one plugin server running.  In the dim and distant past there was usually only one plugin server per AR system so there was no need for this extra information.  However, since we now have the legacy native plugin server and, usually, multiple Java plugin servers, a little extra help is required.


            The format of the option is


            Server-Plugin-Alias: plugin_alias plugin_name plugin_server:port


            The first two allow for multiple instances of some plugins to be run (eg ARDBC LDAP) and provides a way for the server to distinguish between them.  The plugin_server and port combination tell the AR server which plugin server instance to contact to find the plugin.


            The port numbers are not arbitrary, they are the ports that the plugin servers have been configured to listen on and, in the case of the Java plugin servers, this is set in the relevant pluginsvr_config.xml file.


            The default values of 9999, 9555 and 9556 are typically used for the main server, Atrium shared and Atrium NE plugin server instances.


            As to what the valid options are - the plugin_server and port must be as above and the plugin names is simply the internal name of the plugin - of which there are many as listed in the link here List of BMC Remedy Plugins .  The plugin_alias is typically the same as the name as multiple instances of a plugin is not a common configuration.


            See also the section here - ar.cfg or ar.conf options S-Z - BMC Remedy Action Request System 9.1

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