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    ADDM clustered Software Instance -  (CLUSTER) missing AGE COUNT

    Kris Cichon

      Hello ADDM aficionados..

      Would you please take a look at my query .. one presented below.

      I wonder if anyone have experienced sam problem when trying to retrieve AGE COUNT for the CLUSTER ..

      In my case I have clustered App instances whose age I need to closely monitor as that param play a strategic role in my custom integration schema.

      Am I missing something obvious or is it , in your (an my opinion) an indication of the serious shortcoming of the 1ADDM ..?

      Any opinions are highly appreciated


      Best Regards;

      Kris Cichon

      ADDM Admin



      search Cluster



      , type

      , explode #HostContainer:HostContainment:ContainedHost:.name as 'Hosts'

      , #Host:HostedSoftware:RunningSoftware:SoftwareInstance.name as 'Name'

      , #Host:HostedSoftware:RunningSoftware:SoftwareInstance.age_count