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    Integrating Control-M 9.0 with Remedy 9.1.02

    Marino Doncic
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      I would like advice about this integration. I'm new to Control-M, but I know that there is On-Do actions, where can be set to notify Remedy. I have not yet test this, but I think that is on job level, but i would like that to be always when job is failed execution.


      I have also found this Integrating BMC Control-M Workload Automation with BMC Service Desk: Incident Management - BMC Service Resolution 3.5.00… , my question is, are those steps here enough for integration Control-M with Remedy. Where will I define in which case tickets will be opened in Remedy, which type they will be, which service, etc.


      If someone already did this integration before, I would appreciate some basic step by step explanation from very beginning (like: on this server do that, install that and so on...)


      Thank you for your time and effort.


      Best regards,