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    MongoDB database discovery options

    Brian Soefje
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      Discovery 11.2 with 2017-09 TKU - We are unable to discover the databases running in MongoDB.

      Utilizing WiredTiger.

      Company wants all databases discovered and in the CMDB.

      We are not having success with the current MongoDB extended discovery patterns.

      The db.adminCommand('listDatabases') returns with not authorized even though we are root of the Linux node.

      To successfully execute the above command requires a Mongo account and password (the OS level accounts are useless)

      Any ideas on how to remedy this and be secure at the same time?

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          Andrew Waters

          There is currently no way in the system to change users for specific discovery of one item. Is there a reason not to allow the Linux account access?


          The only really unpleasant thing I can think of is to do some scripting in PRIV_RUNCMD that recognised a Mongo DB and do an implicit change in identity. However, if you cannot use a Linux account that would imply having the need to either specify a password in the PRIV_RUNCMD script. Alternatively having a script on the machine which changes the identity and continues running the command.

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