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    Adding additional fields into SRM submit notification

    Mithun Tantry

      I am trying to populate values from SR Type Fields in SRM:Request to OOTB submit notification. The results are inconsistent, as in when I submit a service request, for few instances the email body contains #SR Type Field 10# (the actual value is not replaced) and for other instances the submit notifications contains the email body with values replaced.


      Example email body when values are not replaced :

      Requested For: Mithun Tantry
      Summary: xxxx
      #SR Type Field 10# #SR Type Field 11#


      #SR Type Field 12#


      Example email body when values are replaced :

      Requested For: Mithun Tantry
      Summary: xxxx
      Approver Name: xxxx

      Your request has been sent to the approver specified. You will receive an email
      with the expected completion date once your request has been approved.


      Following are performed :

      ADD SR Type Field 10, SR Type Field 11 and SR Type Field 12 to NTE:SYS-NT Process Control form

      Create the above fields in SYS:Form Field Selection


      Update the push fields to include above fields in

      1. SRM:REQ:NotificationGenerator_899_PNPC`!
      2. SRM:REQ:NotificationGenerator_899_Approval_PNPC`!
      3. SRM:REQ:NotifyApprover_899_ParseApprovers
      4. SRM:REQ:NotificationGenerator_899_PNPC_SendWaitingForApprNTEtoNotifyOBO`!
      5. SRM:REQ:NotificationGenerator_899_PNPC_MoveWaitingToPlaningToNotifyOBO`!
      6. SRM:REQ:NotifyApprover_899_ParseApprovers-SendNotific`!
      7. INT:FNDSRM:NPC:GetREQData_100