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    order stop/start Control-M/Server Control-M/EM

    Tom Bruylandt
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      Hello ,

      we're running Control-M V8 on a Oracle Database 11g.

      Is there any order to take in account when stopping / starting control-m/server and control-m/em.

      Some colleagues state the order should be

      - stop control-m/em

      - stop control-m/server


      - start control-m/server

      - start control-m/em


      But they can't remember/explain why .........

      This would mean that for each intervention on control-m/server (we have mulitple) we should also stop control-m/em.


      Does anyone have more info on this ?


      Thanks Tom

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          Tom Bruylandt

          Asked the same question with BMC-support, this is their reply


          I have discussed this issue with some colleagues and in terms of an order to stop/start the Control-M/Server and Control-M/Enterprise Manager there is not a preferred order, however on some occasions it has been noticed that the Control-M/Server and gateway suffered issues reconnecting so the recommendation is to start the Control-M/Server first followed by the Control-M/Enterprise Manager.


          For interventions with the Control-M/Server only it does not require the Control-M/Enterprise Manager to be shutdown or stopped."