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    Error accessing property from blcli in nsh script (but works from command line...)

    Kevin Barry

      Hi All,


      I am encountering a strange error. If I run an nsh session (through proxy) and connect to the blcli, I can run the following command no problem:


      blcli_execute PropertyInstance listAllFullyResolvedNonDeprecatedPropertyValues "Class://SystemObject/Satellite Channels/Dev"


      If I paste the exact same command into an nsh script and run it (as the same role - BLAdmins, which is also the role used to create both the property and the instance) I get the following error:


      "Command execution failed. java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Property RHEL 73EUS Channel could not be found."


      The property it is complaining about was just recently added and we are unable to use it in any automation right now. How could it be found from outside the app, but not from within it? My only guess is some permissions issue, but everything I have checked has the permissions I need. Also how can listing properties find a property that can't be found?