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    Configure Remedy SSO with Authentication in User's PC

    nilam sari

      Hi All,


      I'm new for Remedy SSO. I use RSSO ver 9.1.02.

      My goal is when user access the link of mid-tier (http://hostname/arsys) at browser, the Remedy Home Page is automatically displayed without user need to input the username and password.

      The integration is between ARSystem, MidTier, LDAP, PC User (Kerberos authentication) and Remedy SSO.


      There are steps that I have applied:

      - AR System is run fine and can be logged in browser.

      - Install Remedy SSO

      - Configure General Basic Tab in RSSO Admin Configuration. I didn't configure the Advanced tab because I don't use SAML Service Provider.

           note: Actually I'm not really understand about this SAML thing. Do I need to configure it for this integration?

      - Configure Realm and add AR configuration and LDAP configuration.

           note: AR and LDAP is successfully tested

      - Install integration to AR System and Mid Tier at server.

      - Enable AR authentication for bypass

      note: First thing, I need to make sure that this RSSO integration is successfully by login through browser and LDAP password.


      - Then I tried to access the mid tier link and automatically direct to RSSO page.

      But I always failed to login and for the Demo user I got error message : "Forbidden request! Goto url should be aligned with a RSSO cookie domain."


      Do you have any idea what must I done next?

      Thank you very much