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    Has anyone been able to work around the Windows 10 issue?


      Now that we know October 31st, 2016 is the "end of days" for Windows 7 and 8.1 according to Microsoft, we've been on a mission to get Windows 10 fully tested for our company. We like to do our new OS testing by deploying it to the I.T. department. So far we have a few guinea pigs and somehow we only have ONE application in our entire environment so far that doesn't work in Windows 10, and that would be Track-IT 11.4. I know BMC is working on it, but currently we have our staff having to use Hyper-V VDI's running windows 8.1 and then remoting into them just to run Track-IT. It's slightly annoying and resource-consuming I believe this is an issue with .NET, but has anyone found a workaround yet? I'd like to at least get Windows 10 on every machine in the I.T . department so we can continue learning the ins and outs of the OS before we deploy company-wide. I'm hoping someone with better ninja skills than us has found a trick. Just thought I'd throw that out there. Windows 10 is where we're going, and it's coming quicker than I think a lot of people realize.