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    Setting up Approval Email Notifications for Service Requests Logged via myIT Portal

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      Hi All


      How do I set up Remedy to accept approval via email for service requests logged via the myIT portal?


      I've been looking at the following post: Trending in Support: Email-Based Approvals which is mostly around change, however I thought I could adapt it to work for Service Requests.


      So the process will be:

      1. End user logs into myIT portal

      2. End user submits a request form from the catalogue

      3. Request form is pending approval from the manager (as defined in the End user's CTM:People form)

      4. Remedy Notification is sent to end user to advise request is submitted

      5. Remedy notification is sent to the manager requesting their approval

      6. Manager clicks Approve or Reject in the email notification and it is sent back to Remedy to add the approval.

      7. Request is logged in Remedy and assigned to the appropriate support team for processing.


      The part I think I'm stuck at (from the link above) is to "Configure the respective approval process by setting the values of Require Password? to No and Require Justification on Rejection to No.". I'm not sure which Process in AP:Administration would need to be updated, or created and with what data, however the processes that are currently listed here that specify they're for Service Requests have these options set as no.


      Currently I've set up the following:

      • I have added the OOTB Approval Email Template to SRM-REQ-Approver_Notification in the SYS:Notification Messages form.

      • I have also set the notification SRM-REQ-Approver_Notification in the Message field on the AP:Notification form for both Service Request - Management Chain and Service Request - Ad Hoc process with the Notify On field set to New Signature.

      • I've also set the Request ID Link Association to Approval - Application 3-Way Join Form on the AP:Form form for SRM:Request which is used by Approval (to match what is used on the CHG:Infrastructure Change form).

      I've set myself as the manager for my own profile so that I could test.


      I log the request via the myIT portal, and the email is generated that Approval is required. The correct notification message comes to me, using the template I've specified and the Approve and Reject options are available in the email. I click on the Approve button and the email generates. I send this email to the incoming mailbox where it is received. I then get a reply back to say:


      Your approval / rejection could not be recorded successfully.


      Error No: 46416

      Message: You are not currently defined as an alternate for any user and you are not on the Approvers list for this approval.


      I need assistance to work out why my approval is not accepted when I am set to the approver on the request? I can approve the request via the myIT Approval section of the portal. Can anyone tell me what I am missing please?



      Edit: We are on v9.1 for ITSM