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    switching from 7.0 unix to 9.0 windows header question

    Jeffrey Jordan

      For anyone that has gone through the unix to windows conversion or uses headers in controlm to pass info to jobs in windows environment, I have a question. We currently use the set tab to pass parms to different jobs mostly dates but sometimes it's other info, how will I accomplish the same thing in the new windows environment? I'm trying to build our to do list for needed job changes. Currently a job may have the following on the set tab, this would be a way we need to take a current system date & change it into the format the job needs to run properly. Trying to figure out where we might need to put all the headers on windows server & how to point the jobs to it & if I even need to. I discovered that though we have a similar line on the set tab for sysouts that seemed to be overwriten automatically in windows to copy the job sysouts to a folder in the BMC Software dir structure. We do have some headers that aren't in the autoedit which I assume is part of control software???


      LIBMEMSYM /ctlmp/u65/ctmServer/7.0/autoedit/oryyy

      PARM1 %%pdate


      oryyyy is a file in that dir on the unix controlm server & contains the following, ctmyyyy also resides on controlm server in dir mentioned & contains the current date in the following format for job %%HEADERX=091317 -




      %%mm=%%SUBSTR %%header06 1 2

      %%dd=%%SUBSTR %%header06 3 2

      %%yy=%%SUBSTR %%header06 5 2
















      So this header would read ctmyyyy 091317 pass that to header06/HEADERX & would convert it to %pdate format which is 13-SEP-2017 which the job needs.