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    Search for BAI relationships, but exclude destroyed nodes

    Jon Trotter

      Trying to search using include_destroyed for host nodes and showing the relationships to existing BAIs. In doing so, it returns all BAIs, including destroyed. While this is expected, is there a way to filter values that we do not want to return in the results? We are exporting data and need to use this flag when searching for hosts, but would like to have the returned results to include only the BAIs that are not destroyed.


      This is the query:

      search flags (include_destroyed) Host

      where name = 'plmulti-w01b' show name, os_type, so_version, os_arch, vendor,

      #InferredElement:Inference:Associate:DiscoveryAccess.endpoint as 'Scanned via', last_update_success,

      #Host:HostedSoftware:AggregateSoftware:BusinessApplicationInstance.name as 'Name'


      Is there any way to filter on the returned list of results for a specific attribute within the search?