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    Service Request Creation from email

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      We are using remedy 9.1.02 and got below Requirement:


      1. End user will send an email to Remedy.

      2. On the basis of certain Keywords in email body, we want to create an SR.

      3. That SR should behave similarly when a Service Request is raised via request entry console(after creating an SRD using AOT's and PDT's).

      4. All approvals and PDT's etc should trigger and only difference is we want SR to be created from email instead of raising it through Request entry console.


      Please suggest best possible way to achieve this and calling an SRD from an email.




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          Sherwin Russel

          You need to create an Inbound Email Rule for this, from Application Admin console -> Custom Configuration -> Foundation -> Email Engine Rules -> Configure Rules form.


          For the selected Company, you need to create a Use Case from Base Configuration tab, like, Incident -> Create.


          And from the Rule Configuration -> Incident Form -> Created Use Case -> You can create your qualification on which email section to read to create your ticket.

          Recommended not to read an Email body, as it might affect your system performance. Sample below:


          A template is required to trigger it from email. This has to be mapped in the Actions section.


          Also, if you need to create a Service Request for these Incidents then, you need to set the "Create Request of Submit" to Yes for the selected Company from the Application Admin Console -> Incident Management -> Advanced Options -> Rules.


          This is just a sample example for setting up your Inbound Email rules, however you might need to create multiple Rules to achieve your specific SRD Approvals for each PDT or AOT.

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            Jamsheer KK

            We have done this in one of the older version of remedy RBE (7.6.04 SP2) and I managed to get the documentation.

            Note:Not sure the below forms and workflows are still valid however you can take it as a reference and build your own.

            New fields created:



            Form Name

            Data Type

            Entry Mode

            SRD Template Name 

            RBE Worksheet



            SRD Template Name 




            Form Request InstanceID




            Request Number





            Workflow details



            Workflow Description

            SRD Template Name

            New character field SRD Template Name attached with a Menu on RBE Worksheet Form. This allows RBE Administrator to choose the SRD Template for SR Create rule.

            SRD Template Name

            The back end field in the RBE-Rule form, this hold s the SRD Template Name

            Form Request InstanceID

            Create a new field on RBE-Transaction form to store the Requests Instance ID

            Request Number

            Create a new field on RBE-Transaction form to store the Request Number. This field has to be created under Request Fields panel.

            New Menu

            This Query menu lists the deployed SRDs for COMPANY

            Modify RBE-Worksheet.bSave-110-pushRuleAction

            Add a new push field mapping to this active link to SRD Template Name to RBE –Rule form.

            Modify filter RBE-Worksheet-GETRULE-200-GetRuleAction

            Add a new set field mapping to this active link to display the SRD Template Name from RBE –Rule form.

            Modify filter RBE-Transaction.S050-getActionParams

            Add a new set filed action to set the SRD: Title to the RBE: Transaction form.

            From RBE-Rule

            Where Qualification: ('Rule Name' = $Rule Name$) AND ('Status' = "Active")

            SRD Title = SRD Template Name

            New filter


            Create a new filter to set the REQ number to RBE: Transaction form this called through filter guide RBE-Transaction-Request.Create

            Run If Qualification: ('Request Number' = $NULL$) AND ('Form Request ID' = $NULL$

            New filter


            Create a new filter to push the values to SRM:RequestInterface_Create form

            Run If Qualification: (‘Request Number’ = $NULL$) AND (‘Form Request ID’ != $NULL$)

            Modify filter guide RBE-Transaction-Request.Create

            Add the following filters in the guide








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              Thanks All for your help