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    HP Virtualization Views in Presentation Server?

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      HPUX 10.3Style OOTB View.GIFHP npar selection column link options.GIFLooking to link back to 10.3 style OOTB view for HP-UX frame structure and charting (Views > Virtualization > nPar/vPar or IVM or Data Explorer

      How does one create that link in a Presentation Server style view template or link in table?


      Example in snapshots starting at presentation server custom view using table template which includes many entity types including type 68 - HP nPartition and other HP partition entity types that have BPA agents deployed on them.   Would like to either A)  Acquire and OOTB that replicates what is in the 10.3 style view,  B) Build a custom view with similar functionality or C) Link from presentation server back to 10.3 style view.


      Will an OOTB HP view will be coming in the near future and if so, when might we expect it?


      What sorts of techniques can be employed that will allow a PS custom view to be created more easily and more quickly?


      For the presentation server column link selection, there appears only the ability to select views know to PS.  Is there a mechanism similar to existing link mechanism, an extension to the existing PS link mechanism or something equivalent to contextual cross launch that would allow us to link over to the existing HP OOTB view?