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    start anywhere modelling - review and approve new components

    Brandon Dias

      I have recently started SAAM modelling and have built several models using v11.0.0.1.


      Am I right in saying that once I have built a model, then if SAAM thinks there are new components after scanning of the environment, then it should suggest a review, which can then be approved or rejected? That was my thinking, but I am seeing new components being added in automatically without any review.


      For example I created a model called Prod_Db and populated it with SQL server. Following a scan of some other servers, SAAM has now decided to add an additional host with 4 candidate SI's, most of them related to Microsoft.ServiceBus.


      Is the approve/reject method something you have to configure? If I don't want these in my model, I could just select them and delete them, but wont they just re-appear? I thought the approval process meant that if you reject components, then they will not be added in future?


      Any clarification would be helpful on this.

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          Duncan Grisby

          SAAM application models are automatically updated. That's the whole point of the features, because without automatic updates, every change in the environment would require user action, and application models would therefore usually be out of date.


          The review suggested state is only for when BMC Discovery has decided that "too much" change has occurred, at which point it stops updating the model and asks for user input. Exactly what sort of changes lead to review being suggested are still being refined. BMC Discovery v11 patch 1 refined the behaviour a bit, and further tweaks are coming in subsequent patches.


          Whether the system puts an application model into review suggested or not, any nodes that you remove from the model are remembered. Once you have removed something, the system won't add it back.


          We continue to work on enhancements and new features in SAAM. If you are part of the pre-release community, you'll start seeing some of the new capabilities that will be in the next release.

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            Brandon Dias

            Thanks Duncan.


            Do we know how much change is required to trigger user input? Is it down to number of newly found components, over a certain amount or if the number of newly found components are greater than say 30% of the total amount of existing components?


            Could you let me know how I can join the pre-release community please, would be useful to gain an insight into future developments for SAAM.

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              young so



              I don't see reject button.  Am I missing something?