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    Profile Icons

    Mohammed Gharaibeh

      what other icons can the profile hold? and how many icons will appear?

      is there any levels for these icons? and how to get each icon?


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          Shadab Ashraf

          Hi Mohammed Gharaibeh, there are two things here:


          Self - service Badges -

          • Badges are displayed in 'Me in Three' section wherein a user can select upto 3 badges unlocked by them to display in profile pop-up. Badges are awarded to when you attended events or as you level up on BMC Communities. You can mouseover the 'Me in Three' section to see badge name. For example:

          You can choose to edit your Top 3 badges by clicking on 'your reputation' on your profile page.


          Badges assigned by Admin Team -

          • These badges are assigned by admin team to help others easily identify community members as moderator, experts, BMC employees and/or based on their participation in BMC owned events (such as Engage in the past). One user can only have one of these badges per profile.



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            Mohammed Gharaibeh

            Hi Shadab Ashraf


            I know the self-service badges, I almost achieved them all

            I mean the small icons beside the name.


            It would be much better if the Admin Team make a legend of these icons to motivate users to get them like the badges.

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              LJ LongWing


              As I understand it, there is only 1 visible at any given time...the one you are displaying is moderator....I had that at one point...the one that shows on my account is the BMC Employee one...there are 2 or 3 others that I've seen, but as far as I know, you can only have one visible at any time, and don't have access to 'choose' it.

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                Mohammed Gharaibeh

                Hi LJ


                hmmmm, you said you have the BMC Employee icon but from my sight you are a champion !!

                anyway we doesn't has access or will know how to get other icons; maybe it is manual selection by Admins.

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                  LJ LongWing

                  Ah you are correct....I was a BMC Employee icon for quite some time....at some point I got the champion one but it never showed...now it is....nice ...I like it better anyway

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                    Mohammed Gharaibeh

                    I will take a guess that if you had a certain number of correct answers you will get the champ icon; still a guess

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                      Shadab Ashraf

                      We are currently building on the champion/MVP Program (Matt Laurenceau working very closely on it, currently on holidays). Here are some of the criteria:


                      • Online, reactive: replying on questions, having answers flagged as Correct or Helpful
                      • Online, proactive: posting enablement resources: documents, either generic or that could make a lot of sense in the Learn Experience (currently soft-launched, goal is to best onboard new people)
                      • Events: participant/speaker/organizer of a local event
                      • Viral Growth:
                        • onboard new Members (colleagues, customer, partner, etc.), you can point the to these resources from myself Shadab Ashraf and team (John Gallagher, etc.)
                        • deploy something new and exciting (upgrade, roll out new feature/module or companion product, etc.)
                      • Engagement in other Communities:


                      We pilot tested with Remedy ITSM. If you like the approach, I would share your feedback with Matt Laurenceau and keep you in loop as this program matures


                      Meet some of these champions and their stories:

                      BMC Champion: Jamie Boley

                      BMC Champion: Evan Ruble

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                        Jason Miller

                        I have never seen the BMC Employee one next to your name. It was still moderator long after you started working for BMC.

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                          Mohammad Rehman

                          I second Jason Miller, I never saw BMC Employee  icon.

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                            LJ LongWing

                            Interesting....I thought it was there...maybe it's just there in my mind


                            or maybe in the hover over my name where it says 'BMC Employee'



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                              Shadab Ashraf

                              That seems rather unusual. Are you guys not able to see a BMC logo next to my name here? The purpose of that was to identify a user as a BMCer. Also, if you hover over any badge next to a name, it showcases what the batch represents. See here:

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                                LJ LongWing

                                I'm able to see yours, and lots of other's....but there are times when there are multiple that apply, and I think the question at the start of the topic was


                                1 - What is the list of possible options

                                2 - What is a legend of what they are and how to get them

                                3 - How can you choose which ones are displayed there

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                                  Jason Miller

                                  Yes, I can see your BMC logo and I am able to see LJ's Champion badge. The point I was making is LJ had a Moderator badge prior to joining BMC as an employee. Once he became an employee his badge remained Moderator.


                                  LJ is a great example where a single badge does not cover everything. So which badge takes precedence? I always figured it was more important for people to know LJ is a BMC employee over being a moderator (but him being an employee doesn't mean he is a moderator) and now he is a champion. He has 3 badges that are very fitting.

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                                    Mohammed Gharaibeh

                                    just an idea,

                                    it could be like one badge beside the name with a small arrow if the profile has more than one badge, and once you click on the arrow it will expand the other badges

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