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Importing existing knowledge content?

Charlotte Le Cras

Hi All,

Just wanted to check whether anybody knows how easy it is (or not) to import existing knowledge content into RKM?

We currently have RoboHelp (awful) which is being replaced by RKM. Our Remedy team are under the impression that it will not be possible to import our existing data, even though it is currently in html format.

Is this correct?


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    Alan Blake

    It is pretty simple to import existing knowledge into RKM.  The easiest way is to add your html files to the "general" folder.  Then run the hummingbird index.  If you are running 7.2 then you'll need to go into hummingbird and update the database table with the correct company and visibility groups.

    This will effectively bring your existing knowledge into RKM, but you won't be able to update it.  You would want to convert your existing html files into actual RKM solutions for this to occur.  This obviously is a much larger effort.


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    Charlotte Le Cras


    Thank you so much for your quick reply!

    Dare I ask how much of an effort we're talking about when it comes to converting the content to RKM files..? I believe we have about 800 articles in RoboHelp at the moment, so I'm trying to assess whether it's worth importing or to simply get one or two students in to copy/paste for a few weeks..!


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    Alan Blake

    We have written a program that creates RKM solutions from a database source.  We could alter this program to read from your specific HTML files.  This effort would take us 3 days.


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    Mateusz Dobiasz

    I have the same problem. I done all about you wrote but its didn't help me.
    What more I may do to successfull configuration of RKM?

    I got this when i choose a Remedy Authentication.


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    Alan Blake

    Can you please explain your problem in detail?  Do you only have a problem with "General" knowledge or with authentication?

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    Matt Laurenceau

    I also heared that "bulk import from a standard format" (like CSV) is under big focus for the short-term/mid-term roadmap

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    Roger Jakobs

    We created some thousand knowledge files for different customers.

    CSV or plain html - import is just easy. Take the template and parse in the content and fill all required fields. Anybody able to write a perl scipt can do that within a hour. Run the indexing - done.

    Real live is mostly more complicated. Some examples:
    - images within the html orignal solution documents (get them into the attachments and parse the img - links)
    - relativ links in the html orignal pointing to somewhere on the original server
    - special classifications (CTI)
    - personalized templates
    - corporate styles in css
    - localization issues (german, spanish etc. special characters)
    - get the keywords, authors etc. out of the original documents

    So just the import is done in a day. For the rest you can spend 1 to 3 weeks.