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    Resumen in same row Smart Reporting

    Jesus Resendiz
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      I need create a report in smart reporting.

      I have a detail for status changed.

      With the next columns (Incident number, Start date/time, Stop date/time, Assigned Group, Status, and Time in status.

      I have one record for status changed.

      Now I need create a report with summary with total time in every status. For example with the previous data, Sum time when Status = Assigned,


      Incident Number

      Time assigned

      Time In progress

      Time Pendign

      Time Resolved







         Actually I’m creating a report in Smart Reporting but when I sum this times they create new row for every sum for the same incident.

      My formula is next, I change the status for every column:

      Do you know any option to obtain this result in the same row?