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    390600 : The database is not the expected version (may need to run upgrade program) (ARERR 36)

    Vigneshram Ramaswamy

      Hi All,


      We have Remedy ARs 7.6.04 SP4 installed in Linux OS 6.8 and associated 12C DB running in different box (Linux OS 6.4). It was working fine.

      Similarly, we have our reporting server  having both Remedy ARS 7.0.01 (Patch 011 200906180730) & Oracle 10G installed in same box Sun Solaris 10.

      We have an requirement to try connecting Remedy ARS 7.6.04 from Linux OS 6.8 with reporting DB SID (remrp1) which is running in Sun Solaris 10 OS to test some of our production issues without having any outage.

      We have changed the below parameters before we start our AR server in 7.6.04.


      Linux OS 6.8 Changes :- (Where Remedy ARs 7.6.04 is hosted)


      .bash_profile :- Changed ORACLE_TWO_TASK=remrp1 and ORACLE_SID=remrp1

      .bashrc :- changed the ORACLE_SID=remrp1

      ar.conf :- Changed the Db-password: to remrp1 DB pwd, Changed the Oracle-Two-Task: remrp1

      tnsnames.ora :- We have mapped remrp1 tns in tnsnames.ora and the same has been tested from the box through tnsping command as well as sqlplus command it was working fine.


      Once we started our AR server in Linux OS 6.8 with Remedy ARs 7.6.04, we have got the below error during startup. Could you please help us to narrow down this issue.


      Sun Jul  9 18:50:29 2017  390600 : The database is not the expected version (may need to run upgrade program) (ARERR 36)

      Sun Jul  9 18:50:30 2017: Message not in catalog -- message number = 21 (ARNOTE  21)

      Sun Jul  9 18:50:30 2017  Dispatch : AR System Application server terminated when a signal/exception was received by the server (ARAPPNOTE 4500)

      Sun Jul  9 18:50:30 2017     15

      Sun Jul  9 18:50:30 2017 : Action Request System(R) Server Version 7.6.04 SP4 201209051922

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      Vigneshram R